Academic Program

Age: 15 to 18 at the time of school registration.

The Academic Year Program in Spain offers foreign students the opportunity of getting to know a different country- Spain- its culture and Spanish way of life. Students will live with a Spanish host family and will participate in family life and activities. At the same time, the students will attend a Spanish High School during several months, depending on the length of the program. The primary purpose of the program is to improve students’ knowledge of Spanish culture and language trough active participation in family, school and community life. A secondary purpose is to improve Spanish knowledge of the foreign country and its culture. Students should be mature and responsible to participate on this program.

Program Classification

• Semester program -3 months-: Commencing approximately late September to end around late December, depending on Spanish school terms.
• Semester program:
• Fall semester: Students will arrive approximately late September, to end up their program early February.
• Winter program: Commencing approximately on late January until the end of June, depending on Spanish school terms.
• Academic Year Program:
• Starting dates should be approximately late September, until the end of school year, around mid. June, depending on Spanish school terms.
• 11 month-Program: Starting dates should be approximately late January until mid. December, depending on Spanish school terms.
• Calendar Year Program: Starting dates should be approximately late January until the next coming moth of January, approximately.

Host families

Juventud y Cultura will place the participant with a Spanish family or families for the duration of the participants program and they will provide the student with homestay accommodation, full board. Meals away from home, school lunch fees and transportation to and from school from location near the host family’s home are the responsibility of the participant. In many cases, students have lunch at home instead of at school. The student is to be single placed, by nationality, with a host family. It is acceptable for another student of a different language to be hosted by the same host family for all or part of the exchange. The host family must have the financial resources to host a student. In some cases, some host families are paid a minimal amount each month to help them cover expenses generated by a new family member. This amount is symbolic and means that families host students on volunteer basis, as this is a non-profit program.

Spanish High School

Juventud y Cultura will secure the participant’s enrolment in a Spanish Public School. If the student’s parents request a private high school placement and agree to pay tuition, Juventud y Cultura can enroll the student in a private high school.

AYP Staff

Monitoring, counseling and supervision will be provided to the participant through local coordinators. All students will have a 24 hour-Emergency Phone Number to contact in case of emergency.

Program Services Juventud y Cultura’s program includes:

• Locating, interviewing, screening and selection of a suitable Spanish host family. Juventud y Cultura will find host families for students at least one week prior to the students’ arrival in Spain. Students may be provided with arrival (temporary) host families at any time in the placement process. Late placements are also a common event in the field of exchange programs. This is due to the fact that most host families and schools are volunteering to host foreign students.
• Board and lodging with a Spanish host family
• Processing of the AYP application, academic counseling and placement in a high school
• Local counseling throughout the year by the JUV local coordinator
• Monthly reports for each student
• Supervision by Juventud y Cultura Central Office in Madrid
• 24-hour emergency support through a mobile telephone number
• Transfer from local airport to host family
• Orientation upon arrival in Madrid. Students placed in the Madrid area will have the orientation meeting at Juventud y Cultura Central Office. Students placed outside of Madrid area will have the orientation meeting with Local coordinators in their area.

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